Vacuum Insulated Panels (VIP)

  • Reducing the heat conduction, excellent thermal insulation performance
  • Validated inspection and 100% quality guaranteed
  • Industry leading nanomaterials and vacuum technology

Phase Change Materials (PCM)

The plates in PCM (innovative thermal insulating materials) present in LIFE+ thermal packaging provide the performing solution for the transport of perishable products in full compliance with the cold chain. The advantages: increased overall efficiency, improved reliability, energy storage capacity, durability, non-toxicity, reusable.

Solar Exterior Temperature Monitor

Innovative exterior monitor which, thanks to the connection to a probe inside the box, offers an indication of the temperature to the company staff or to any bodies responsible for verifying the thermal status.

LIFE + isothermal containers are recyclable: outer box (paper, PAP 20), polypropylene container (plastic, PP 5), inner box (paper, PAP 20), VIP (Vacuum Insulation Panel)