Innoplus covers the world of pharma completely. It therefore has a division dedicated to Biological, both potentially infected and infected, offering packaging solutions for substances of class 6.2, infectious substances, Category A (UN 2900 / UN 2814) and biological substances, Category B (UN 3373).

Infectious substance, Category A

An infectious substance which is transported in a form that, when exposure to it occurs, is capable of causing permanent disability, life-threatening or fatal disease in otherwise healthy humans or animals.

Infectious substance, Category A, UN 2814 e UN 2900

Infectious substances meeting these criteria which cause disease in humans or both in humans and animals shall be assigned to United Nations number UN 2814. Infectious substances which cause disease only in animals shall be assigned to UN 2900.

Infectious substance, Category B

An infectious substance which does not meet the criteria for inclusion in Category A. Infectious substances in Category B shall be assigned to UN 3373. The proper shipping name of UN 3373 is “BIOLOGICAL SUBSTANCE, CATEGORY B”

Our products in the biological market