New high-tech reusable isothermal containers

Innovative, high-performance, reusable and validated packaging according to ISTA 7D quality standards for the shipments of temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products in the range between + 2/+ 8 °C, + 15/+ 25 °C and -15/-25 °C for a maximum 168 hours (7 days). This modular advanced isothermal technology is composed of an external box in printed cardboard, an internal polypropylene container, vacuum insulating panels (VIP) and phase change refrigerant eutectic plates (PCM + 22 °C, PCM + 5 °C, PCM -20 °C) which can be selected according to the temperature range to be controlled. The temperature-sensitive labels on the back of the plates ensure the right temperature with respect to the chosen thermal range is achieved before inserting them in the container.

Code Type reusable thermal packaging
External Dimension Volume range (lt) from 12L to 36L
Tara weight Tara weight (Kg) 10,6 – 12,5 – 17,1 – 21,3
+2°C/+8°C +2°C/+8°C from 82 to 102 hours
+15°C/+25°C +15°C/+25°C 168 hours
-20°C -15°C/-25°C From 81 to 103 hours

Download the LIFE + range technical sheet

Advanced insulation thermal technology


Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIP)


Phase Change Material (PCM)


Exterior Temperature Monitor

The packaging is completed by an innovative exterior monitor which, thanks to the connection to a probe inside the box, offers an indication of the interior temperature without having to open the box. The capacity of these isothermal systems is between 12L and 36L (availability of other formats supplied in stock, on request). Simple to set up, they are suitable for air, sea and road transport, compliant with IATA, ADR and IMDG regulations.


Phase Change Materials Series

The plates in PCM (innovative thermal insulating materials) present in LIFE+ thermal packaging provide the performing solution for the transport of perishable products in full compliance with the cold chain. The advantages: increased overall efficiency, improved reliability, energy storage capacity, durability, non-toxicity, reusable.

LIFE + isothermal containers are recyclable: outer box (paper, PAP 20), polypropylene container (plastic, PP 5), inner box (paper, PAP 20), VIP (Vacuum Insulation Panel)

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