Reusable cold chain solutions

Reusable thermal bags for the safe temperature controlled transport of medicines, made with a pressure system to guarantee a better thermal seal. In several configurations, for all requirements, they contain a pocket to keep the ICE+ refrigerating devices separate from the drug. The ICE+ gel packs are available in cool versions (products 2°/8 °C and 15 °/25 ° C) and frozen (products to maintain a negative temperature).

Code Type small, medium, large reusable thermal bags
External Dimension Volume range (lt) from 1,35L to 3,75L
Tara weight Tara weight (Kg) 0,070 – 0,125 – 0,200
+2°C/+8°C +2°C/+8°C from 11 to 16 hours
+15°C/+25°C +15°C/+25°C from 12 to 18 hours
-20°C -15°C/-25°C from 18 to 24 hours

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