Innoplus with its ten-year presence in the field has gained experience and refined a portfolio of products suitable for the temperature-controlled transport of pharmaceutical products in line with national and international regulations for or air, sea and road transport.

The quality of the products and the certifications testify to the work done over the years. Innoplus is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company (QMS – Quality Management System).


Thanks to the know-how acquired over a decade, Innoplus has its own line of products for temperature-controlled packaging in its portfolio: the range of ThermoPlus thermoboxes. It also produces the IcePlus gel pack or coolpack in many variations and solutions. It is a product that can assure a well-defined temperature range control for several days.


The consulting approach is an added value to its customers allowing the resolution of any logistical problem and cost savings, thanks to the centralization of some processes such as: management of warehouse stocks, support in choosing the “logistic” supplier and in identifying the most efficient and effective transport solution. Therefore Innoplus can be considered not only a product supplier but also a real service provider.